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CV.Adhi Duta Sarana - Jual Fly Killer dan Fresh Dry
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The products we use in air freshener services are fresh Room Units that can refresh air in the room automatically with guaranteed air treatment 24 hours a day. The system in our unit can eliminate odors that are not fresh.

A fragrant room and fresh air can provide comfort for your staff at work and give an exclusive impression to your company's constomers.

Fresh Room Unit has several features:
Terbaru The latest Aerosol Dispenser - so that it can extend the service period and reduce maintenance and service costs.
 The most modern integrated Microchip system - increases work power and reduces energy consumption and programming with fragrances at the beginning so that it is easy to operate.
 There is no problem with odor - removes bad odor and replaces it with an exclusive and soft fragrant scent.
 Air Freshener Dispenser works quietly
 Full Service - There is nothing you need to do, installation and service will be done by trained and experienced technicians PT. ADS as needed.
 Resistant to damage
 A variety of attractive aroma choices (Aromatic Refill)
 Have 2 variant model units that you can choose according to your needs and desires

Fresh Room Unit PT. ADS is ideal for use in almost all places such as:
 Restaurant
 Karaoke
 Pub
 Teather
 Hotels
 Office area
 Conference Room
 Reception Room
 Dining room

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