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CV. Adhi Duta Sarana

CV.Adhi Duta Sarana - Jual Fly Killer dan Fresh Dry
Fresh Soap
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Fresh soap is a Hygiene and unnecessary hand soap unitrinsed with water that gives maximum results and can kill germs. Make sure you choose one of the services from PT. ADS is an exclusive service for the use of your toilet space.

 The Liquid Fresh Soap soap release unit is designed in a compact and compact color for the modern toilet space.
 Fresh Soap is equipped with hand washing liquid soap with a special formulation, safe for the skin, soft, fragrant and exclusive.
 Fresh Soap Unit is very easy to use and saves use because it uses measurable PRESSURE BUTTON.
 Fresh Soap Unit is regularly serviced by PT. ADS is in accordance with usage requirements that have been anticipated since the start of the contract.
We sell Hand Washing Soap at low prices with guaranteed quality.

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