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CV. Adhi Duta Sarana

CV.Adhi Duta Sarana - Jual Fly Killer dan Fresh Dry
Fly Killer (Clean Fly Unit)
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The products / units that we use in insect handling and flying pest services in the room are Clean Fly Units that can kill indoor flying insects (Mosquitoes and flies). The principle and how to work Clean Fly Units is almost the same as the Fresh Room Unit, only the Refill that we use is refiil to control flying insects in the room. Rooms that are free of flying insects will provide comfort for your staff at work and give an exclusive impression to your company's constomers. Clean Fly Unit PT. ADS is ideal for use in almost all places such as: Restaurant, Karaoke, Pub, Theater, Hotel, Conference Room, Reception Room and Dining Room.

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