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CV. Adhi Duta Sarana

CV.Adhi Duta Sarana - Jual Fly Killer dan Fresh Dry

About Us

CV. Adhi Duta Sarana (Sumatera Utara, Indonesia)

PT. ADS was first established and headquartered in Medan is a company that is engaged in building cleaning services and environmental pest control / Urban Pest such as: Mosquitoes, Flies, Cockroaches, Ants and Termites.

PT. ADS has experienced and trained Human Resources (HR) so that we can provide good service and service so as to provide satisfaction for customers. PT. ADS has operational branches in several other major cities such as: Padang, Bukit Tinggi and Jakarta.

1. Conventional Termite Program (Chemical Barrier)
 To protect buildings from early termite attacks, we have a protection / protection program against termite attacks called Termite Conventional Programs. Broadly speaking there are 3 stages of work that we do is to do spraying with a thermitiside solution, namely:
a. At all foundation excavations
b. Work floor at 0 ground level
 c. Round the building foundation after no additional soil

2. Elimination Program (EP)
The Elimination Program (EP) is a termite control service owned by PT. ADS uses a bait named Clean Bait, so that all termite colonies can be completely eliminated.


Jl. Karya Bakti No. 7 Medan
Sumatera Utara , Indonesia


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